Micro-Tig Welding

Micro-Tig Welding

M&K has the experience to tackle complex TIG welding projects. With our Pro Fusion technology, we are able to start our welds as low as .1 amp enabling us to TIG weld even the smallest products. You can find our welds inside countless implants and instruments.

Our Engineers will assist you in developing a sounds validation and verification process to ensure stability of your welded components throughout the life of the product. In addition, M&K is pleased to have its own in-house test stands to support fatigue and break testing. Our welding activities are supported by our inhouse USON leak detection systems. In addition, we have systems on site that test for pressure, decay and mass flow.

Reasons to weld with M&K:

  • Knowledge on how to produce hermetic welds
  • Ability to establish a validation and verification plan
  • In house structural weld testing
  • Vertically integrated

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