M&K Engineering has joined ARCH Medical Solutions and will operate as ARCH Medical & Aerospace – Woburn. Our new structure broadens our offerings to customers and strengthens our position as a leader.


Mill Turn

M&K has been utilizing Mill/Turn machines for nearly 25 years. Mill/Turn Machines are the swiss army knives of CNC equipment. They are often the most expensive and most technically challenging CNC machines in existence. Naturally, due to the complexity, not many companies have invested in harnessing this technology. As an early adopter, M&K understood the benefits this technology would present and invested heavily. We have machine tools with large tool hives holding 120 tools per machine. The ability to store so many tools allows for changeovers in minutes instead of hours. Our team has the latest technology and produces some of the most complex components every day.

One of the most significant issues with these types of machines in general is figuring out just which parts to run on them. Here at M&K, we have discovered that even though these machines are developed from lathes, they are not limited to round parts. Various non-round parts can be machined on the same platform as efficiently, if not more efficiently, than on traditional machining centers!

Key benefits

  • Unmanned production
  • Limited needs for fixturing
  • Cost savings
  • Graphic marking
  • Increased quality
  • In process inspection via onboard CMM probes

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