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M&K Engineering Mill Turning


Turn/Mill Machines are machines that are capable of both rotating-workpiece operations (turning) and rotating-tool operations (namely milling and drilling). Generally these machines are based on lathes.

The machine is typically recognizable as a horizontal or vertical lathe, with spindles for milling and drilling simply available at some or all of the tool positions.

With a machine such as this, a part requiring a variety of operations can be machined in one setup, particularly if a subspindle allows the part to be passed from one spindle to another during machining.

More recently introduced turn/mill machines depart from the lathe design into something much more like a hybrid machine-combining a lathe's chucks and spindles with the travels and milling power of a machining center.

One of the most significant issues with these types of machines in general is figuring out just which parts to run on them. Many shops have discovered that, even though these machines developed from lathes, they are not necessarily limited to round parts. Various non-round parts can be machined on the same platform as efficiently, if not more efficiently, than on a machining center!

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