Milling-5 Axis

Milling-5 Axis

M&K has the experience to handle your complex 5 axis requirements. With true 5 axis technology as a core competency, we are experts at manufacturing difficult to machine geometries. M&K is outfitted with the latest in CAM packages to support your projects.

Benefits of 5 Axis machining

  • Single Setup: 3-axis machines require multiple setups, which may result in incorrect alignments, higher costs, and other errors. With 5-axis machining, you have the ability to machine complicated geometries with a single setup, which improves efficiency, saves time, reduces costs, and prevents operator error.
  • Complex Parts: This process allows you to machine complex parts that would otherwise require casting. If you have small runs or prototypes, you’ll be able to machine your parts in a few weeks rather than waiting several months for casting to be finished.
  • Improved Tool Life: You can maintain a constant chip load and optimum cutting position, which improves the cycle time and life of the tool.
  • Hole Drilling: 5-axis machining provides the ability to drill a series of holes with various compound angles all in one set up.

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