Swiss-8 Axis

Swiss-8 Axis

M&K started its business exclusively as a Swiss machining company in 1990, so as you can imagine expertise in this department runs deep. Our team has over a hundred years of experience combined and takes pride in developing each other across generations.

Within our Swiss department today, you can find the most complex components being manufactured. We’re confident in the expertise of our workforce coupled with the latest technology that we can support the most challenging projects and successfully fulfill our customer's needs.

An approach that sets M&K aside from its’ competitors is in utilizing a technology called thread whirling. Thread whirling offers several advantages over single point threading:

  • Ability to machine high-quality threads on long and slender components without the risk of bending or vibrations
  • Single-pass threading from stock diameter reduces cycle time and increases productivity
  • Accurate threads produced by tilting the whirling ring to the helix angle
  • Good chip control enables a more continuous and productive machining
  • Finishing treatment is not required
  • Higher level of stability as there are several inserts sharing the wear pattern vs one insert when single pointing

Some additional attributes of our equipment in this department are:

  • On board gun drilling
  • NSK 100,000 RPM spindles for small diameter work
  • High pressure coolant
  • Convertible style machines (guide bushing and chucker)

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