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At M&K Engineering, Vertical Integration allows us to offer our customers faster delivery with tighter quality control. Our Vertical Integration strategy gives us the ability to machine, heat treat, weld, media blast, passivate, assemble and test your parts all under one roof. Reducing our reliance on outside processes and giving us greater control of your components throughout the process.

One of our biggest efforts at this time is the addition of clean room services to our vertical integration strategy. We are on our way to validating our Class 100,000 clean room to fulfill our multi-year contract to manufacture, assemble, and test a Class 3 total disk replacement spinal implant. Our clean room will include two MTS Bionix® test systems to put our implantable devices through rigorous tests. From these tests, we can better understand statistics like yield and ultimate strength, fatigue and wear characteristics, modulus of elasticity, coefficient of thermal expansion, and more. These tests enable us to ensure compliance and quality of design and materials in our implantable products.

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